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Manuscripts and Black & White dummies in the works
The Adventures of Badge & Coty: The Grocery Store Fiasco

Imagine "The Odd Couple" living in a badger den, busy scheming how they might fill their bellies for free. Their only problem? A pesky grocery store manager named Vern keeping a watchful eye on the free samples. But not for long! They quickly find themselves hijacked by a cane-wielding senior citizen named Ana, who pulls off a scheme of her own.

To see the manuscript and a black & white dummy, please email me for a private link!

Whatever You Do, Do Not Eat Your Vegetables!

"Put down your forks!" Warns Avi Kadeau, Private Eye. With his trusty orange marker in hand, Avi aims to prove once and for all that veggies aren't all they're diced up to be. Unfortunately, he becomes (sometimes hilariously) distracted by the facts, and may not change as many minds as he had hoped.

To see the manuscript and a black & white dummy, please email me for a private link!

Bink Loves Stink!

“Take in slow, deep breaths through the nose,” thinks Bink, positioning her snout over a bag of yesterday’s trash. Despite the groans from her humans, Bink always seeks out the smelliest of things. Until one day, something super sweet shows up in her world and sends her nose on the blink! Will her sniffer ever be the same?!

To see the manuscript, please email me for a private link!

Mixed Up!
Coming soon!

Mr. Clinger has a serious problem: his Book-O-Matic is on the fritz! Normally, it  creates fun and colorful books for kids, but now it's putting the wrong pictures with the wrong words. Mr. Clinger needs your help spotting the (hilarious) mix ups. And those with a good eye might even be able to help Mr. Clinger fix the Book-O-Matic itself!

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